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True Trinity (Summer 2012)
By Lynn Norment

In the land of nod he came to me

Massaging my being with his poetry

Massaging my head with levity

Massaging my soul with serenity

Sleep well, my friend, he said to me

You deserve much needed clarity

How else will you know true trinity

The Gentleman, the Lady and sweet poetry


Protection in the Storm (7/19/12)
By Lynn Norment

In the Land of Nod early this morn

My soul was swept up in a storm

Of wind, rain and thundering lights

That engulfed me in a state of fright

“No worry,” my poet friend said to me

“I’ll stay right here to comfort thee

Despite the distance between us now

No harm to you will come, I vow,

At any time you connect with me

In spirit, in mind or in reality.”

I awoke, protected in a warm caress

The storm had passed, my heart so blessed

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