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The History Makers’ Evening with Berry Gordy

“The HISTORY MAKERS’ EVENING WITH BERRY GORDY (interviewed by Gwen Ifill) was a wonderful event that featured recording artists Valerie Simpson, KEM and Janelle Monae, all doing Motown hits with support from Musical Director Ray Chew (American Idol). Mr. Gordy was charming, witty and exceptionally spry at 83. (Yes, he wowed us with some fancy dance moves.) Suzanne De Passe told how “once you work for Berry Gordy, you ALWAYS work for Berry Gordy,” while Jesse Jackson praised “the Chairman” for his support ($$ and otherwise) to MLK and the Civil Rights Movement, and Bill Clinton (via video) spoke of a “legacy that speaks straight to the heart.” Most memorable was performance by Brandon Dixon (as Berry Gordy) and Valisia Lekae (as Diana Ross) from the forthcoming “Motown: The Musical” that, according to Mr. Gordy, captured the moment in Paris when he and Diana Ross “fell in love.” Look for PBS broadcast. Kudus to JULIEANNA RICHARDSON and The HistoryMakers. (BTW, I am honored to be in the HM archives.)”

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